Our Process


Initial Interview with Specialist

Schedule your initial video conference interview with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements for any procedure you want to perform. With no commitment, you will receive an Initial FREE Estimate. We need to understand your requirements and want to address any initial questions you may have.


Video conference with Surgeon

At this point, you have your Estimate and depending on the procedures we may need your medical history and photos for the Surgeon to review prior. Then we will arrange a video conference, for the first consultation with your surgeon. You will be able to get answers for all inquiries directly with the doctor. If the surgeon approves you for the procedure, then we will send you an exact breakdown of the vacation packages, for you to choose the best option for your accommodations.


Contract Signed

Once the video conference and budget is approved, we will send the contract for you to review and sign. Once the contract is signed and the deposit received (we accept all payment types in USA & Colombia) we will make all the reservations with surgeon/accommodation for the dates of the procedures.


Welcome Package Sent

We mail you a welcome package with all instructions and information you will need during your medical vacation. We include the agenda and contact information which you can share with your loved ones. You will also receive full access to our intuitive mobile APP, which allows you to communicate with everyone on our team, from the transportation to the medical staff. With our APP you will never feel alone and your loved ones will always know what is happening.



Upon arrival to Jose Maria Cordova international airport (MDE) we recommend that you connect to the free Wi-Fi and open our APP. Within the APP you will be able to communicate with the member of our staff which will be waiting at the airport to welcome you, and you will be able to see the transportation information (like Uber does) of the vehicle and driver. You can share the location of yourself with anybody you wish, and they can see as we take you to your accommodations. The next day, our staff will escort you for pre-operative consultations and the first personal meeting with the surgeon and medical staff.


Operation Day

You will be fully prepared for entering the operating room. After your surgery or cosmetic procedure is performed, and with Doctor’s authorization, you will be taken back to your accommodations. Your personal nurse will have full instructions of the performed procedure for the recovery stage, and be by your side for the initial first week. Your loved ones will be able to communicate within the APP and know everything that is going on.


Recovery Period

At this stage, if you wish, you can enjoy the local and tourist attractions, we will guide you through all the best tourist points and wonderful entertainment, or just relax and unwind for the rest of your stay. We can schedule all types of Beauty and Spa treatments you desire right through our APP.


Final Approvals

The process ends with the surgeon’s post-operative visit, where you will be evaluated and discharged. Your surgeon will provide you with all medical examinations, records, and instructions related, in case you need a medical history report back home. A member of our staff will escort you back to the airport, and with our APP we will always be in contact with you for the proper and successful recovery.

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