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We are happy to provide our clients with luxury accommodations suited to their needs and budget. Beyond high-quality medical treatment delivered by our accredited specialist, we ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. We have luxury mansions with up to 12 bedrooms, ultra-chic hotels, and other high-end apartments. The apartments are fully furnished with access to the best amenities, from pools to a beautiful city view for absolute relaxation. If you prefer to stay in an all-inclusive place with other patients, we have ultra-luxury recovery houses.

Regardless of where you choose to stay, our staff is fully dedicated to your recovery. You will have a nurse for daily supervision and care, and our professional chefs will prepare your food following the nutrition plan required. If you come with your family or friends, they will be in great hands. All the luxury accommodations are situated in the best part of “El Poblado”, providing a beautiful cityscape view of Medellin. Absolute Medical Tourism is in the best city filled with large shopping malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, and other economic options. Contact us today for more details.

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