Hair Transplant

Your hair is a very big deal. For women, hair is associated with beauty and youthfulness while it symbolizes masculinity and virility in men. With that, it is not a surprise that hair loss often leads to anxiety, depression, and self-esteem problems, including social phobia.

At Absolute Medical Tourism, we are all about helping you live a healthy, confident life. We have a team of medical experts on a mission to provide patients from across the world with high-quality, friendly, and affordable medical services. Our team is trained, certified, licensed, and have quality years of experience in this field. With us, you can anticipate nothing short of quality services that will leave you happy and satisfied.

Our Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure

Before anything else, we will plan for a virtual meeting with you and take you through the hair transplant surgery procedure. We will give you a comprehensive guide of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure and ensure that you are fully prepared. We will genuinely listen to you, hear out your needs and expectations and answer your questions clearly and genuinely.

There are numerous techniques applied in hair loss treatment. At Absolute Medical Tourism, hair transplant surgery involves taking healthy hair from hair-bearing parts and embedding it into the bald or thinning regions of the scalp. Ideally, the procedure can last between four to eight hours, depending on the intensity of your condition. In extreme cases, we might have to plan for a return visit the following day. Our surgeons can either shave a strip of hair-bearing skin or pluck individual hairs from the scalp to get healthy hairs. While the second alternative might seem like too much time, it guarantees excellent results as it will rarely leave a permanent visible scar on your scalp.

You will need anesthesia to help numb the scalp for the procedure. Sometimes, patients also take some mild sedatives to keep them calm and relaxed. You will probably remain awake throughout the surgery-be comfortable and talk to your surgeon when you are tired and need to change your position.

Like any other procedure, you might feel a little discomfort after a hair transplant procedure. You might experience some pain, bleeding, and inflammation for a few days post-surgery. At Absolute Medical Tourism, we will go through the possible side effects of hair transplants with you and provide you with helpful solutions beforehand.

Do not let hair loss and thinning get in your way. At Absolute Medical Tourism, we are you, to-go professionals, when it comes to all your hair transplant surgery needs. Contact us today for quality hair loss treatment services with guaranteed results and a Free Consultation.

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