Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs savings?

Costs savings can be up to 80% compared to local prices. This cost differential enables you the opportunity to have a vacation in an beautiful city, recover in a 4 to 5 star resort in complete anonymity, and then return home having spent less than the procedure alone in the US.

Why is medical care so much cheaper in Colombia?

Hoping to answer your question, we made a list of some reasons why the costs are less overseas:

  • Lower cost of labor
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower construction costs (to build hospitals)
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Lower government taxes
  • No accounts receivable collections issues with medical tourism patients (cash/credit card payment before release from hospital)
  • No emergency room bad debt
  • Less administrative paper shuffling
  • Less bureaucracy/red tape
  • Lower cost on medical supplies/equipment/medications

Also malpractice insurance in Colombia is much cheaper than in the US and this fact has a big impact in the costs in general.

Can I trust the quality of Colombian doctors?
The main goal of our service is to provide a high quality attention. In order to do this, we have chosen the finest doctors, dentists and cosmetic professionals of the region. You will have video conference consultations with your doctor prior to your arrival. All professionals of our team are certified and accredited by Colombian dentist, plastic surgery and cosmetics associations.
What happens if I have an emergency?
You will be in constant communication with us and can inform us of any emergency at any time during your stay. Our staff is ready to attend any emergency 24/7. We all provide you daily and nightly nurses during your stay.
Is it safe to travel after my procedure?
Your travel schedule will depend on the procedure and doctors will provide guided instructions of postoperative care. After a final visit with the doctor will they authorize your discharge depending on your condition. No patient is allowed to travel without the authorization of the specialist.
How many days prior and after my medical procedure, will I be in the location?
It depends on the medical procedure and general health of the individual. However you will have this information before your trip in one of the video-conference consultation with your doctor.

Usually you arrive 48 hours before the procedure and leave 10 to 15 days after.

What should I bring to the trip?
You will need your identification, medical record and details of medications, laboratory tests, all your medications, contact information in case of emergency (friends, family), comfortable clothing.
How will I communicate if I only speak English?
For your comfort we will assign trained staff in your native language.
Who will look after me after the procedure is performed?
Our attendants will take care of you and will be in constant communication. You can reach one of the professionals of our team 24/7.

Also we arrange for accommodation and nursing assistant for your recovery period.

How will I contact the company once I arrive to the airport?
One identified person of our staff will be waiting for you and you will be transported in a luxury vehicle to your hotel accommodation. After check-in we will transport you to your 1st meeting with your specialist. Your translator will be with you the whole time. You will always be with someone from the translator or nurses, and we will have a chef ready to prepare all of your food and beverages, so you can rest assure that everything is first class and worry free.

You will get a detailed orientation of the schedule of your stay and tourist information if you feel like exploring the city.

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