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One of the advantages you get by choosing our medical tourism company, is that you save money in your medical procedure while enjoying a medical holiday vacation in this magical city full of culture spots and modern places to visit and discover.

Feel free to ask our staff about all the tourist attractions Medellin has to offer. You won’t regret to see the beautiful places the City Of Eternal Spring has for you to enjoy. Checkout our medical vacation packages.


A truly magic touristic spot is waiting for you in Colombia. Called the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its perfect spring-like weather conditions all year long, Medellin is full of culture, art, landscapes, entertainment, fine dining and, of course, world-class coffee.

Medellin is the hometown of many renowned artists, including the famous sculptor and painter Fernando Botero, making it a city full of culture and history treasure that are there for you to discover.


Parks and Recreation

While in Medellin, before or after your treatment, you can enjoy a relaxed visit to one of the beautiful and popular parks and gardens the city has to offer.

The Medellin Botanical Garden is almost 40 acres of outdoor space dedicated to orchids, plants, flowers and nature. The garden houses more than 1000 species of plants scientifically classified, making it a real living museum.

In 2006, added to the gardens was the Orchideorama, an area where permanent exhibitions are done and cultural and relaxing activities are carry out on regular basis. It is a perfect space for recreation and relaxation surrounded by beautiful Colombian flora.

Park of Wishes is another open-air area dedicated to science and discovery. Located among other attractions like the Planetarium, a space to promote scientific research, and the Music House, where concerts and musical manifestations of every kind are carried on, you will find a place free for open exercise, cultural activities and family recreation.

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation
At the northern sector of the city, you will find North Park, a traditional amusement park with green areas and roller coaster to be enjoyed by kids and adults. This is a very touristic area, conveniently open every day including weekends and holidays.

Along with all these green areas, at the northwestern zone of the city, there is a beautiful hill, Cerro El Volador, the largest natural park within the urban area of Medellin.

Activities at this park include hiking, biking, bird watching and kite flying, among others. Guided tours are available and you will find places to buy food, drinks and snacks during your visit.


At Museo de Antioquia you will find a permanent, extent exhibition of the great artist Fernando Botero, born in Medellin. Outside the museum there is the Plaza Botero where you will enjoy sculptures done by the artist. It is, without any doubt, one of the city’s most important cultural attractions.

Another important artist born in Medellin was painter Pedro Nel Gomez. The House Museum Pedro Nel Gomez has one of the most complete and important collections of the artist who is considered a pioneer of modern art in Colombia.

If you like architecture, you will find an interesting visit at Museum San Pedro Cemetery, a beautiful art work considered an integral part of the architectural and cultural heritage of the city.

Positioned at the top of the mountain is the Spain Library, an ultra modern designed black library. A non symmetrical building dedicated to create a public culture space for all ages with an emphasis in small children.



There are plenty of modern options around Medellin to go shopping. The most prominent being El Tesoro, Oviedo and Santa Fe. You will find a selection of international well known brands and, also some nationals.

At the shopping malls you can enjoy a cup of one of the finest coffees in the world or perhaps a good ice cream with arequipe (a popular dessert made with condensed milk). All malls have large food courts where you will find some good Colombian gastronomy and, of course, the well known fast food chains that will remind you of your home.

Where to eat

In Medellin you will find a large selection of fine restaurants, the city has many options to offer.

From Colombian regional dishes to international and even molecular gastronomy, you will find very interesting proposals that will keep you well satisfied.


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Apart from its cost-effectiveness, staying in a beautiful destination is another advantage of a medical holiday. You will undergo the best treatment while relaxing in Colombia. Sightseeing is a must when you opt for our medical vacation packages.

You get to discover a new city and explore its tourist spots. Interacting with the people and learning about their culture is another feel-good factor of medical tourism. Check out our medical tourism packages.

Recovery will be faster when you are in a beautiful place. Going on a vacation will provide you with a sudden burst of enthusiasm. On top of that, undergoing treatment from the best medical practitioners is bound to take you on a speedy recovery journey.

Do not forget to shop and bring some souvenirs from the beautiful place you visit. The fine restaurants at the medical destination will keep your taste buds content.

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